Thursday, July 19, 2012

blue sparkle
Band Update...

I've successfully transitioned the website from iWeb to blogger. Not so sure I like the format of a blog for this yet, but I'll stick it out a while because I can customize quite a bit by busting up the html.

I'm on my own with this right now so there's a lot to do.  I'm trying to make sense of the tunes that are still hanging, trying to keep the webpage going, waiting for facebook to figure itself out, raising a 6 month old with my wife, and working on the house.

I also recently pulled our first full length album under the name s#!thorse because its too expensive to keep it going year after year. When the EP expires, I'll probably pull that one as well. I had the good fortune of making a new friend who helped me see that cdbaby has a better deal and more options. I plan on repackaging the full length album under the Shaking The Invincible name and letting that ride.

Either way it's time to get new music going. I've had a long hiatus that I've spent fueling my creativity with Instagram under the name Pictrola. Music is the inspiration for a lot of my photos and I like working on the graphic design for the band.  A lot of my earlier photos are on the facebook page.

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