Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Forward-Music Available for Purchase

blue sparkle
Many of my recent posts on twitter have alluded to some sort of evolution happening with the band. As of right now, I don't want to write much about it, I'd rather move forward the best I can. I have faced some change that was out of my control.

 I've always loved to write new music and will continue to do so, even if alone.

The "about" section will soon tell you of my background and on how I came to be. But for right now, know that I have just submitted an album for online purchase that should be available within 48 hours. As in my last post, I see this as a step to pay tribute to what the band created in the past as a stepping stone to the future. I am proud of what STI has accomplished but look forward to change.

P. S. Huge thanks to my wife Jen over at who created an advertising button for STI for a short while. Check out her blog and Etsy shop.

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