Thursday, August 2, 2012

the music

blue sparkle
losing iWeb was a blessing in disguise. i'm growing pretty comfortable with the new site and have made some moves that i've been putting off for too long. sometimes i'm my own worst enemy.

the first STI album is again available for purchase through CDbaby or by clicking the music tab up above. i've alluded to this album in a prior post as it was originally recorded under a different band name.

as i write this, my six month old is trying to typ3 al0ng w1th me. this is what he does when he's not trying to crawl. i play music through the PA downstairs and he sits and smacks the work desk. i like to include him in my musical life even though he won't understand it all for a while. we live in an incredible time where he'll have access to so many amazing creative opportunities that i want him to have choices like my parents gave me.

that's all. we're going to listen to buckethead now.


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