Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shaking the Invincible - "PEST"

I recently decided to stop wasting time and post three new tracks to Soundcloud. These songs were recorded with the original lineup and were awaiting the completion of four others. The result would have been the second STI album. But these days it's not all about the "album" Songs need to stand on their own. And these most certainly do. 

I'm not quite sure what will happen next. Part of me needed to let go of the idea that these tracks needed to wait for something bigger. They're already big. I just needed to clear my lenses and see that. 

These tracks are not currently available for purchase although someday I hope them to be alongside the others on iTunes. I have run out of "sets" on Soundcloud and refuse to pay for an upgrade to my account. I like the price of "free". So I will be rethinking some things in the near future for any other material. 

The entire STI catalog is on Soundcloud right now. If you're a member, don't forget to follow. 


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